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Gunite pools are currently the most popular pools among homeowners. Although expensive, gunite pools offer high durability and longevity. Consequently, gunite pools offer value for money. Even so, gunite pools incorporate the longest construction period compared to other pools. This is because gunite requires at least 28 days to cure. So, how long does it take to build a gunite pool?

How Long It Takes to Build a Gunite Pool

Total time taken to build a gunite pool

Pool professionals report that it takes approximately two to three months to build a gunite pool. This time varies depending on various factors like the climatic conditions and your contractor. Typically, when it rains, the construction period gets prolonged. Additionally, if your pool contractor is not fast and efficient, gunite pool construction can take longer than four months. Therefore, before constructing a gunite pool, look for a dependable builder. Checking the weather forecast will also help you determine the best time to build a gunite pool.

What is involved in gunite pool construction?

Step one: Pool excavation

After obtaining the pool construction permits, the first thing to do is to start excavating the pool. Pool excavation often involves digging the pool area based on the pool design. As you excavate the pool, ensure you get rid of dirt particles. You can do this manually, especially if you plan to build a smaller pool. Alternatively, hire a professional pool contractor for this. They have better equipment for pool excavation. Excavating the pool often takes several days to a week.

Step two: Installing the rebar

The next step is putting up the steel framework. The rebar is uniquely designed to support the weight of the pool. Therefore, ensure you install the rebar appropriately, especially on the corners. It is important to hire a dependable pool company that will use quality rebar at this point. The rebar should withstand the pressure during gunite application and support the entire pool structure in the long run.

Step three: Pool plumbing

Once you complete installing the rebar, start installing all the cables and connections related to the pool equipment. Normally, the equipment you need to install is the filter, pump, and skimmer. So, put up the drain and skimmer lines. Pool plumbing should be done by a professional. One mistake during pool plumbing can cost you thousands of dollars. Not to mention, faulty bonding can lead to severe electrocution in the pool. So, ensure your plumber has extensive experience in pool electrics.

Step four: Gunite Application

After you complete installing all the pool plumbing systems, It is best to start applying gunite across the rebar framework. Typically, gunite is a mixture of sand, cement, and water mixed at the hose’s nozzle. Always hire a professional to spray gunite onto the rebar. Applying gunite is complex since it has to be done in a specific manner. Remember, if you apply gunite poorly, the pool may develop a surface or structural crack in the short run. If you are spraying gunite by yourself, ensure you wear protective clothing.

Step five: Gunite curing

Once you finish spraying gunite onto the rebar, leave it to cure. The gunite curing process usually takes about four to six weeks. The time varies depending on several factors. During this time, keep monitoring the pool to make sure everything is okay.

Step six: Tile and coping

When the gunite has completely cured, proceed with installing the tiling and coping. There is a broad spectrum of materials you can use for coping. At this point, you can install the pool deck. Some of the best materials for your pool deck are stone and concrete. The material you choose should offer high longevity. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot on deck repairs and replacement in the future.

Step seven: Finish the pool

From the early days, the most common pool finish was plaster. Nowadays, you can use a broad spectrum of materials to finish your pool. Always choose a pool finish that makes your pool more appealing. If you want your pool to look like a world-class pool, consider mosaic or glass finishes. Moreover, the pool finish should complement your backyard’s aesthetics. After applying the finish, leave the pool for some days before you can fill it with water.

How Long It Takes to Build a Gunite Pool

Step eight: Conduct a test run on the pool

Fill water in the gunite pool to test whether it’s functioning correctly. Turn on all your pool equipment to check if they are working correctly. If you notice something unusual with your pool, contact a pool expert. They know best how to fix technical issues in your pool.

Best pool contractors at Crystal Blue Aquatics

It is clear to see that it takes approximately 6 to 12 weeks to build a gunite pool. Gunite pools incorporate a complex construction process. Hence, you have to employ reliable pool contractors to construct your gunite pool. At Crystal Blue Aquatics, we have the best gunite pool builders who help you turn your pool dreams into reality. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any gunite pool services.

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