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How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready to Jump In
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The process of getting your swimming pool ready for use is relatively easy, but it does require some effort on your part. Increasing the amount of fun your family has while also helping to keep them safe is achievable. This is done by following a few basic steps and taking the appropriate precautions.

How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready to Jump In

Here are some tips to get your swimming pool ready to jump in

It will take around an hour to open your pool and prepare it for the warmer season. However, if you’ve recently undergone shock treatment, you shouldn’t jump into the pool for at least 24 hours.

Before starting, check that you have everything you will require. Then, follow these simple procedures to get your swimming pool ready for the summer:

Keep the water in the pool

This is paramount if your pool sits above the average water table. Draining it during the spring rainy season, when the water table is at its highest, may cause the pool to lift entirely out of the ground and require replacement. The water in a pool acts as a ballast, helping to keep the pool in place.

Clean the pool

Before using the pool, it’s important to give it a full “chemical open.” This includes removing the plugs installed at the end of the previous season, emptying the baskets, and assembling the pool’s filtration system.

Top off the water

Adding some water to your pool if it’s lost during the winter is a good idea. Likewise, before turning on the filter to purify the fresh water, make sure it is clean. Take out the cartridge and wash it with the hose. In the case of a D.E. filter, you might have to take it apart, clean it, and then reassemble it. Setting the filter to “backwash” will remove the sand and reset it to its original state if it is a sand filter.

Have your water checked out by a specialist

To get your swimming pool ready to jump in, bring a sample of the water to a pool supply store for testing. This service is typically provided at no cost by pool stores. The staff can tell you what chemicals to change if you want optimal water quality.

Wait for the water to appear completely clear

To achieve crystal-clear water, you should clean the filter daily. A week should be plenty of time for this. You may need to add chlorine gradually to the water until it’s disinfected. When the pool water is clear enough to see the bottom, you can take the cover off without worrying about anyone drowning.

You can enjoy your backyard sanctuary for many more years if you take the time to clean up any leaves or debris that has gathered over the winter and do the tests and cleaning that is required during the pool season.

Consult a professional pool inspector if you have any questions regarding the procedures mentioned to get your swimming pool ready to jump in.

Keeping your pool safe

Taking a refreshing swim in the pool after a hot day of work is one of life’s little pleasures. But if young children are in the house, that oasis may rapidly become a nightmare.

While kids are using the pool, you must always have an adult there.

Only a few simple precautions like these can go a long way toward reducing the likelihood of injuries and maximizing pool safety:

·        Put up a fence around your pool for safety.

This is a crucial safety step, particularly for in-ground swimming pools. In the event that your youngster wanders away from you, this barrier can assist in keeping them from drowning. Your fence’s opening and closing mechanisms should be self-operated and swing out of the way of the pool.

·        Remember to always keep a first-aid kit and rescue gear by the pool.

A rescue tube or hook and life ring are standard rescue equipment that should always be kept in a consistent location close to the pool. In addition, you should routinely inspect this gear to ensure its reliability. The same spot also needs to house your fully stocked first aid kit.

·        Look for potential trip and fall hazards every day.

Toddlers, like adults, can easily trip and fall. Check the area around the pool for any potential trip hazards and remove them. As an additional measure against slide hazards, high-quality deck paint containing such compounds is ideal.

How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready to Jump In

Maintain a secure location for storing pool chemicals

Despite their antimicrobial properties, pool chemicals pose a significant risk if mishandled or swallowed. You should lock up these chemicals and keep them far from the pool area.

Put in an alarm system for the pool

This is an additional safeguard, much like a fence around your pool. The alarm will sound if anyone leaves a fence or gate open. The motion detection features of some pool alarms can also trigger an alarm in response to the presence of waves.

Let’s help get your swimming pool ready

You can maximize your pool enjoyment this summer by following the above safety precautions.

We at Crystal Blue Aquatics are rooting for you to have a great swimming pool season. Be bold about getting in touch if you have questions or need guidance about getting your swimming pool ready. Contact us today!

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