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How to Successfully Hide your Pool Equipment
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Undoubtedly, every homeowner wants their backyard to look appealing. One of the best ways of boosting your yard’s aesthetics is by installing a swimming pool. Swimming pools are spectacular features that add a whole new charm to your yard. However, they come with accompanying equipment that may tamper with the yard’s aesthetics. Thus, you have to find a suitable spot for placing your pool equipment. More often than not, pool experts advise hiding the equipment behind bushes or in an equipment cabinet. In this article, we look at how to hide your pool equipment successfully.

How to Successfully Hide your Pool Equipment

Best Ideas for Hiding Pool Equipment

Landscape ideas

  • Bushes: If you have a thick bush in your backyard, make good use of it and hide your pool equipment here. Bushes have the potential of growing very large to create an illusional wall. Homeowners actually report that dense bushes act as a wall that filters out noises. So, you can always place your them in your backyard bush. If you plan to grow a bush to hide them, it is often advisable to avoid choosing those that shed leaves and flowers. Otherwise, you will have a hard time cleaning your yard.
  • Trees: Did you know that you can use trees to hide your equipment? If you live in a tropical area, palm trees are the best for hiding them since they are low maintenance. There are many trees you can use to hide your equipment. So, focus on growing trees that usually grow thick and tall to cover your equipment. Not to mention, trees make your yard look more appealing. Nevertheless, be careful not to grow trees that shed fruits, flowers and leaves since they make your pool dirty. 
  • Ornamental Grasses: Another way of hiding them is using ornamental grasses. Ornamental grass grows tall enough to hide the equipment. Besides, they bring a naturalistic view to your yard. Although ornamental grasses don’t grow as tall and thick as bushes, they can still help you hide the equipment. The best ornamental grasses are those that don’t seed or become invasive.

Enclosure ideas

  • Privacy screens: The privacy screen is the first type of enclosure you can use to hide your pool equipment successfully. Most privacy screens are made from vinyl. They are long-lasting and highly resistant to harsh climatic conditions. Additionally, vinyl privacy screens are simple to clean and maintain. Privacy screens come in a wide range of designs. Therefore, you can always find a design that matches your requirements. You can find a privacy screen in your local store.
  • DIY structure: You can also build an enclosure when you get the time. All you need is the right materials and experience. Building the enclosure enables you to design it based on your needs and requirements.


  • Wood: Generally, wood walls complement a wide range of backyard space designs. Thus, consider using wood walls to hide the equipment. You can always decorate wood walls to match your backyard spaces. Use a subtle paint shade for the wood wall. Alternatively, leave the wood in its natural state. It can still blend with your yard. Luckily, it is easy to construct a wooden wall for your equipment by yourself.
  • Concrete: Concrete walls allow for customization. These walls also offer high longevity. However, if you are making your concrete wall, note that you need some experience. So, you are better off hiring a professional contractor to make the wall for you. Concrete walls help you hide your equipment successfully. You can paint them to boost the aesthetics of your yard.
  • Stone: Stone walls also enable you to hide the equipment. You can customize a stone wall to match your yard. Nonetheless, stone walls are pretty hard to build. It would be best to hire a reliable contractor.
How to Successfully Hide your Pool Equipment

Pool equipment housing and sheds

  • Pool box: This box is specially designed to accommodate pool filters, pumps, among other equipment. They have material that is resistant to harsh climatic conditions. You can buy a pool box from your nearest pool store.
  • Pool house: Have you ever thought of building a house just for your equipment? A pool house is a great place to store your equipment. Here, you can place all your equipment and prevent them from getting damaged. Fortunately, you don’t have to build a big pool house. The size of your yard often determines the size of the pool house.

Need help with your pool equipment? Contact professionals at Crystal Blue Aquatics

Pool equipment can make your pool area look ugly. Therefore, pool experts advise looking for a good storage space that will hide the equipment. You can use trees, bushes, pool boxes, and walls to hide your them. If you have no idea of how to hide your pool equipment, contact Crystal Blue Aquatics. We have the best pool contractors who take the time to advise you on the best ways to hide the equipment.

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