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More often than not, pools tend to develop leaks after some years of use. Of course, this depends on the type of pool and the techniques used to maintain the pool. Typically, leaks come from either structural or surface cracks. So, whenever you suspect that your pool has a crack, it would be best if you fixed it immediately. Fortunately, repairing a pool leak is pretty straightforward, especially if the damage is not extensive. All you have to do is identifying the pool leak location first, and then look for an ideal solution.

Identifying and Repairing a Pool Leak

So, how do you identify a pool leak?

If your pool is experiencing a leak, follow the below steps to see if your suspicions are correct.

  • First, take a bucket that can hold up to 18 liters of water, and then place it on the pool’s second step. Once you do this, pour water into the bucket, so the water line matches that of the pool. To be accurate, it would help if you marked the water line first using a permanent marker.
  • Afterward, switch off the pool pump. This step is crucial since finding the exact leak point in the pool can be challenging when the pool pump is on.
  • Leave the bucket for about a day while the pool pump is still on. The next day, check if the water level of the bucket still matches that of the pool. If not, you probably have a pool leak. Even so, note that both water levels (that of the bucket and pool) will undoubtedly go down due to evaporation.
  • It would be best to conduct this process repeatedly. Doing this only makes sure that you end up with the correct test results. If you are repeating the test for the second and third time, switch on the pool pump.

Today, there are numerous techniques used to repair pool leaks. Always go for the one that you find simple. When you find out you have a leak in your pool, fix it immediately to prevent further damage.

Repairing a pool leak

Once you identify a pool leak, look for an ideal solution right away. Currently, there is a wide range of techniques used to fix a pool leak. Needless to say, the method you use will depend on the type of pool and location of the leak. Think about it. Different pools incorporate different materials. So, the technique you use to repair a vinyl pool won’t be the same as repairing a concrete pool.

Repairing a pool leak in the plumbing system

Occasionally, leaks can occur in the plumbing system. Repairing a pool leak in your plumbing system is not a walk in the park. Therefore, you might have to call a professional pool technician. But first, identify the exact location of the pool leak. You might have to dig up the area to see whether the leak is on the pool pipes. Suppose you find a leak on your pipe, the solution would be to remove the damaged area replace it. Ensure that the replacement complements the old pipe. Otherwise, you would have issues with your plumbing system. Call a pool professional if you discover that your pool plumbing has a more complex issue.

Leaks in the tile

In some instances, pool owners may experience a tile leak in their pool. Pool tile leaks are sometimes found on the surface of the tile or behind the tile. Repairing a pool leak on your tiles would require you to using putty, epoxy, or a rubber-based sealant.

Identifying and Repairing a Pool Leak

Use epoxy

Pool experts use epoxy to repair pool tile leaks. Epoxy can be found in most local stores or on online platforms. When using this product, you need to identify the crack causing the leak. Then, squeeze out a certain portion of epoxy to the pool tile. Then, even the product on the tile’s surface and let it sit for about an hour. One advantage of epoxy is that it is waterproof. So, you don’t have to drain the pool when fixing the crack using epoxy.

Apply putty

Applying putty to pool tile leaks also helps in fixing the issue. However, do not touch this product with your bare hands. Use a suitable applicator to layer the crack with putty. Then, let it sit for approximately 20 minutes.

Use a rubber-based sealant

Another technique for repairing a pool leak on tiles is using a rubber-based sealant. Like epoxy, all you have to do is apply the rubber-based sealant directly on the crack and let it sit for more than an hour. Nevertheless, note that fixing extensive cracks using a rubber-based sealant will require you to apply multiple coats.

Leaks in the skimmer

Repairing a pool leak in the skimmer is best solved using putty. So, identify the leak’s exact location, spread out the putty evenly and let it sit for a day.

Need help reparing a pool leak?

Pools often develop leaks due to various reasons. Luckily repairing a pool leak is quite simple. All you need is the right equipment and knowledge. Contact Crystal Blue Aquatics today!

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