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Incorporate a Negative Edge onto your Gunite Pool
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Infinity pools are unquestionably world-class pools. As the name suggests, they incorporate a disappearing edge on one side of the pool. Usually, they appear to merge with the surrounding horizon or water body. Consequently, vanishing edge pools create breathtaking views. In a negative edge pool, the pool wall and water level have the same height; and this explains the no boundary effect.

Incorporate a Negative Edge onto your Gunite Pool

Over the years, zero edge pools have increasingly become popular among a majority of homeowners. Moreover, these luxurious pools are common in first-class resorts. You can incorporate a vanishing edge effect on all pool types; fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl. Ultimately, incorporating a negative edge onto your gunite pool is worth it.

Infinity pools can get installed in slopy landscapes

Infinity pools are best installed on the slopy ground. Slanting grounds contribute to the illusional ‘no-boundary effect in a vanishing edge pool. Usually, water flowing from the infinity-edge falls into a catch basin, which later takes it back to the main pool.

Adding a negative edge onto your gunite pool is not a simple process. As mentioned earlier, the pool wall and the water level have to be the same height. Therefore, you would need to hire an experienced contractor to build your infinity pool. Luckily, we, Crystal Blue Aquatics, have experienced pool builders who can build quality zero-edge pools. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to install an infinity pool. 

How much does it cost to incorporate a negative edge onto your gunite pool?

Generally, infinity edge pools are more expensive. These pools are highly priced due to their complex construction process. Even so, infinity pools are now becoming less costly. Hence, most homeowners can incorporate them into their yard. On average, constructing an infinity pool costs about $80,000. Of course, these costs can be more; it all depends on several factors. Some of the factors explaining the high costs of an infinity-edge pool include:

  • The zero-edge causing the no-boundary effect on the pool.
  • The cost of the Maxi Rib technology needed for installation.
  • The catch basin where water flows when it passes the infinity edge.

Installing an infinity pool

Before constructing an infinity pool, your contractor has to examine the pool hydraulics and the ground support. This way, they’ll know whether the pool area can support the vanishing edge pool. Thus, you need to hire reliable pool contractors to install your infinity pool. Below, we look at some of the reasons why you should consider installing a negative edge onto your gunite pool.

The benefits of installing a negative edge onto your gunite pool 

Exceptional aesthetics

If you wish to upgrade your backyard space into a spectacular haven, install a vanishing edge pool. These pools often seem to merge with the surrounding landscape. As a result, they offer breathtaking aesthetics. Properties with infinity pools unquestionably stand out. Due to this, infinity pools help you increase the value of your property. You are more likely to obtain higher profits if you sell a house with a zero-edge pool.

Perfect for sloping grounds

As mentioned earlier, infinity pools are best built on sloping landscapes. It can be challenging to construct a normal pool on a slopy area. So, consider building an infinity pool on a slanting area. Generally, slopy areas magnify the no-boundary effect.

Safer option

Some pool experts say that zero edge pools incorporate less maintenance. This is because it is rare for a vanishing edge pool to experience stagnant water. Remember, water continuously flows into the catch basin from the main pool. Subsequently, infinity pools tend to be cleaner and require less maintenance. Zero edge pools are therefore safer for human use.

Great source of enjoyment

Other than offering aesthetic features, vanishing edge pools are excellent sources of entertainment. Here, your children can enjoy more hours of pool play. Likewise, you can sit and relax by the pool as you enjoy breathtaking views. As a result, infinity pools help you create lifetime memories with your loved ones.

Incorporate a Negative Edge onto your Gunite Pool

Is it worth incorporating a negative edge onto your gunite pool?

You have to analyze your requirements before adding a zero-edge onto your gunite pool at the end of the day. If you want your pool to look more luxurious, you are on the right track. However, if you are trying to save on pool construction costs, vanishing edge pools will actually cost you more. Always consult a dependable pool expert before constructing an infinity pool.

Best infinity pool contractors at Crystal Blue Aquatics

Are you planning to build an infinity pool? Crystal Blue Aquatics got you covered. We have highly experienced pool builders who deliver quality infinity pool construction services. We understand that constructing a pool costs thousands of dollars. Thus, we are keen to avoid any mistakes during construction. Once you contact us, we listen to your requirements. Then, we advise you on the way forward. We are affordable and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. So, do not hesitate to contact us.

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