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Examples of Gunite Pools & Shotcrete Pools

Gunite Pools & Shotcrete Pools

Crystal Blue Aquatics specializes in the design and construction of Gunite Pools & Shotcrete Pools. Gunite and Shotcrete offer the best versatility and most customization options. That is what most homeowners are looking for in a quality inground pool. As licensed inground pool builders and experts in Gunite Pools and Shotcrete Pools, we know that concrete offers strength and rigidity. Accordingly, that’s exactly what we are looking for in order to produce a long lasting pool shell.

Gunite & Shotcrete Pools Are Superior Quality

It’s important to produce a high quality structure. Concrete pools are resistant to the elements as well as chlorine and other chemicals used to sanitize pools. For that reason, we opt for a Gunite pool or a Shotcrete Pool structure over other materials such as Vinyl or Fiberglass. Moreover, we know that a concrete pool shell composed of concrete is better for the consumer. Most importantly, it provides a superior quality, long-lasting pool shell that provides decades of maintenance free enjoyment.

Gunite Pools & Shotcrete Pools Provide Decades of Enjoyment

A swimming pool is one of the most expensive investments you can make in your home. This is why most discerning homeowners opt for a Concrete Pool Construction. They opt for an expert pool builder that specializes in Gunite Swimming Pools or Shotcrete Pools. Since you are on our website today you are probably doing your homework about Concrete Pools. Odds are good that you’re in the market for a new swimming pool. Chances are, you are wondering if Gunite or Shotcrete is the best material for your pool construction.

We’d like to take this opportunity to educate you a little more about what Gunite & Shotcrete pools are all about. This way you’ll have a complete understanding of why this is the best material for your pool construction project. Consequently, once you have a proper understanding of the Concrete Pool Construction process, you’ll see clearly why this is the best option. Allow Crystal Blue Aquatics, the leading experts in pool construction better familiarize you. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Gunite pools and shotcrete pools are versatile . The pool shell itself can be molded into nearly any shape.

We build Concrete Pools into exciting freeform shapes. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to building a truly unique pool design.

Our talented pool construction crews have been specializing in building Gunite Pools and Shotcrete Pools for decades. Trust your Concrete Pool Construction to the #1 experts in the local area. Learn more about our pool construction methods and how Gunite Pools and Shotcrete Pools are built.

Gunite & Shotcrete Pool Construction

Pool Excavation Company - Crystal Blue Aquatics
Expert Pool Excavation

Our pool excavation crew will dig out the entire pool area. We have the equipment necessary to shorten your pool excavation into a 1 day dig in many cases.

Gunite Pool Construction - High Strength Steel Rebar
Steel Rebar Installation

The skeleton of the pool is constructed from a high strength steel rebar. We prepare a reinforced structure around the pool area for the gunite or shotcrete to adhere to.

Pool Construction
High Pressure Cement

Gunite or Shotcrete Material is shot through a high pressure hose. An expert nozzleman distributes the material which adheres on impact to form the walls and floor of the pool.

Superior Quality Interior

A gunite or shotcrete pool allows for a wide variety of elegant interior finishes. It’s one of the more appealing aspects distinguishing gunite pools from other inground pools.

How Are Gunite Pools Different From Shotcrete Pools?

In short, both gunite and shotcrete pools offer more flexibility in terms of design and aesthetic add-ons. Additionally, if you have a specific pool design in mind, a concrete pool is the most verastile option. We can build concrete pools into nearly any desired shape or form you can think of. Likewise our pool builders can then add on water features to suite your tastes and unique needs. For a truly custom pool design, there is no better

Gunite or Shotcrete? We are Experts at Both!

A concrete pool is the highest quality inground pool you can buy. In addition, the higher PSI strength and rigidity of a Gunite pool shell outperforms every other product on the market. However, Shotcrete pools have the perfect PSI strength for residential inground pools. They don’t take as long to shoot as gunite pools do. Consequently they because of the amount of time they cut down on construction Shotcrete is typically the more expensive option of the two.

Why Concrete Pools Are A Better Choice...

Discerning homeowners can quickly distinguish the differences. Concrete pools are a clear winner. It’s easy to spot the differences between a Gunite or Shotcrete Pool and Fiberglass or Vinyl Liner inground pools. With a high quality custom built concrete pool, there are simply more options to add on to your pool. A gunite or shotcrete pool can be completely customized from every facet of pool construction.

Most Customization Options: Gunite & Shotcrete

Gunite and shotcrete inground pools utilize high end materials for their interior finish like pebble interiors that provide a luxurious feel to swimmers. In addition, they can be finished with a custom colored plaster interior. This provides homeowners with yet another method to create a unique backyard resort. On the contrary, other types of inground swimming pools simply can’t compete with the flexibility and versatility that Concrete Pools offer. For homeowners that want complete customization of their inground pool there is no better option.

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Frequently asked questions

A gunite pool or shotcrete pool obviously isn’t the most budget friendly option as far as price is concerned. Concrete Pools are typically reserved for a more high end luxury pool build.
The average Gunite or Shotcrete Pool can cost anywhere from $75,000 or more for a basic swimming pool with deck. Crystal Blue Aquatics offers several entry level concrete pools with deck off-contract to allow homeowners to budget for a higher quality pool construction in phases.

Concrete swimming pools can last for decades. On average, the pool will need to be replastered every 7-10 years. The pool shell itself should last for over 20 years or more.

The high strength cement forms a rigid pool shell that is durable and resistant to cracks. This is one of the chief reasons homeowners who opt for the highest quality pool construction often choose Gunite or Shotcrete over other materials.

The pool construction process can vary. Due to the nature of outdoor construction, limitations like weather can impact the timeline of your pool build. Most gunite or shotcrete pool construction projects take anywhere from 6-10 weeks or more to complete.

Variables like the size of the pool, number of requested features and permitting & approvals can extend the timeline.

For homeowners that want unlimited customization options gunite and shotcrete are your two best options. Consequently, for a high-end luxury look and feel, there is no substitute for a gunite pool. The number of features and options you add will make your swimming pool truly unique and one of a kind.

Your backyard resort is an extension of your home. In conclusion, homeowners truly appreciate what a custom pool has to offer opt for concrete because they know it is the most versatile option.