Examples of different Pool Designs & Pool Concepts

Learn About Pool Design

Let the experts showcase and educate you on pool design. You’ll get a sense of the design aesthetic Crystal Blue Aquatics creates on our pool projects. Our pool designs demonstrate what is possible in terms of creating the ultimate backyard of your dreams. As a result, when viewing competitors you can compare design styles and see which one is superior. Crystal Blue Aquatics has been designing inground pools for over two decades. See why we’re the #1 rated pool designers in Virginia according to PoolMagazine.com

Award Winning Pool Designs

Crystal Blue Aquatics has established a reputation as one of the top pool designers in the country. An award winning pool designer with numerous mentions around the country – we are noted for our expert designs. Custom Pool Designer Jason De Bosky has produced cutting edge pool designs for some of the most discerning homeowners around the country.  Watch our reel and get a sense of our unique design flair. In addition, get a sense of some of the pool features we incorporate into our designs.

Let Our Pool Designers Capture Your Imagination

In brief, what we’re able to do is translate your vision into a 3D pool rendering. Allow us to provide you with a pool consultation. First, we’ll meet with you to discuss your dreams and goals for your backyard transformation. Second, we’ll come back and present a 3D rendeing that captures your unique vision. We will present a swimming pool design that delivers an accurate representation of what we can build for you.

Homeowners love the ability to visualize their swimming pool design ahead of time. Understandably because it is difficult to imagine such a radical transformation. After watching a 3D video presentation of your swimming pool design, you’ll be eager to see it come to life. Allow us to capture your imagination and present an accurate representation of your vision in 3D. We will present a design and build a pool that takes your breath away.

Let us present a few pool designs during a consultation and show the possibilities of what can be done in your backyard.

We design pools our customers love. Allow us the opportunity to present and showcase our portfolio of completed pool projects. We’ll show you pools from concept to completion.

Pool Design is a specialty artform akin to architectural drawing. We use state of the art computer rendering software, sketches and blueprints to create an accurate representation of what your pool design will look like. Right down to your family swimming in the pool.

Our Pool Design Process

Pool Design Sketch from Crystal Blue Aquatics
Expert Pool Designers

You need the services of our expert pool designers. Let our seasoned veteran artists come up with a pool concept that meets and exceeds all your expectations.

Pool Designers in Northern Virginia
Modern Pool Concepts

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is the ability to deliver modern pool concepts in each one of our designs. Let us show you the possibilities.

Pool Designer Sketch from Crystal Blue Aquatics
Artistic Renderings

Without artistic renderings of what your pool can look like, it’s tough to envision one in your own yard. Once you’ve visualized it becomes more clear to see.

Winterizing Your Swimming Pool in Northern Virginia
3D Pool Renderings

Our talented designers can create accurate 3D pool renderings. Watch a video that depicts what the actual pool will look like installed in your own backyard.

Cutting Edge Pool Designers

One of the things we get asked the most is “can you design the pool of my dreams on my budget”. This is really what distinguishes an expert pool designer from other pool companies. Consequently, many pool companies may present an eye pleasing pool design that goes over budget. We don’t employ bait & switch tactics like this. Our pool designs are an accurate representation of what we can deliver for the budget you have to work with.

Delivering a Design That Speaks To Your Vision

It’s important that no matter which pool designer you work with that you pick the design you love the most. In addition, you should do all the pedigree homework of checking reviews and licenses of the pool designer you plan to work with. It’s not just about picking a nice looking pool design. Pick a pool company that not only delivers a design that speaks to your vision but can actually build the pool they present. Crystal Blue Aquatics is proud to say that time and time again we produce cutting edge designs our clients fall in love with and ultimately wind up building for them.

Let Our Designers Capture Your Vision

Odds are if you’re looking for pool designers, you’ve seen many examples of both hand drawings and 3d renderings. It’s tough to distinguish one pool design from the next. What signifys the artistic ability of a pool designer is their ability to encapture the clients needs, wishes and desires. It takes engineering skills as well as design experience to deliver a pool design that makes the homeowner say “I want that in my backyard”.

Creative & Artistic Swimming Pool Concepts

If you’re looking for a pool building company that can deliver a swimming pool concept that blows your mind – Crystal Blue Aquatics is the one to call. On the other hand, if you are looking for the same tired cookie cutter pool design you’ve seen everywhere else – you won’t find it here. We are known for delivering modern and aesthetically pleasing custom pool designs that compliment our clients homes.

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Frequently asked questions

We can show you more designs. In fact if you allow us to do a consultation with you we can create you a custom 3D rendering.

We will make you a video that accurately showcases what one of our designs will look like in your own backyard. If you’d like to go over features, budget and let us take a look at your backyard we will come back with a custom pool design just for you.

Typically once we have had the opportunity to meet with you, see your backyard and get an idea of what budget we are working with… we are able to come back with a design within a few days.

Our pool designer will schedule a time when it’s convenient to showcase your custom pool rendering to you. At that point you can provide us with feedback for any changes you would like to see.

Absolutely. We’d be delighted to schedule a pool tour with you. One of our representatives will take you around town to various job sites currently under construction as well as show you a few completed projects.

Aside from viewing a pool design, going on a pool tour is the best way to get an indication of the types of pools we build.

Schedule a FREE pool design consultation with one of our designers. There is no cost for the consultation.

We will coordinate with you to send out a Crystal Blue Aquatics representative to meet with you at your home or virtually online.