Examples of Inground Swimming Pool Features

Learn About Pool Features

Crystal Blue Aquatics offers a wide array of different pool features to enhance your inground pool. A swimming pool is an enormous investment in your home. Consequently, adding pool options will take your swimming pool from ordinary to extraordinary. In addition, swimming pool features add excitement and sophistication to an inground pool. Create your own tropical resort in the privacy of your own backyard. Furthermore, pool features allow you to completely customize your inground pool with your own flair.

Inground Pool Options That Add Enjoyment To Your Pool

Specifically, if you’re building an inground pool – pool features will magnify your enjoyment. Selecting the right pool features is important. Firstly, begin by identifying which features you feel are essential or ‘must-haves’. Secondly, plan a budget on how much adding these pool features will impact the overall price of the pool. Accordingly, you’ll be able to figure out which pool features to add and which go over budget. We can provide you with pricing on any pool features you are interested in.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Features

There are hundreds of different names for features. Let’s run down some of the most popular pool options homeowners tend to add to their pool. Currently, the most popular features revolve around enhancing and incorporating living space around the pool. Furthermore, more popular features entail making the pool area more usable at night to family and guests. Let’s discuss what some of those pool options are.

In the past, features like diving boards and white lights were popular. Adding a hot tub on was considered an extravagance rarely found in backyards. In contrast, todays pools are designed with sophisticated led lighting allowing for optimal night time pool usage. In addition, adding a spa into the pool area has become a very popular option. Likewise, has incorporating bar areas, sunken firepits, and conversational areas around the pool.

We build inground pools with a wide array of different pool features. The only limits may be your imagination.

Whatever your ideal swimming pool is, we can build it. Let us incorporate features to create you the resort style backyard paradise you’ve been dreaming of.

Our talented pool designers can produce a swimming pool design that takes your breath away. Furthermore, by incorporating options that add value to the pool, you’ll get even more enjoyment from it.

Most Requested Pool Features

Holiday Pool Features for Your Swimming Pool 
Sheer Descents

Adding sheer descents to your inground swimming pool creates a dramatic effect. The soothing sound of cascading water creates a tranquil atmosphere.

Holiday Pool Features for Your Swimming Pool 
Laminar Jets

Deck jets are some of the most popular pool options that homeowners request in their inground pool. Laminar jets can be led lit to create a dramatic effect.

Pool Design Mistakes to Avoid
Swim Up Bars

A swim up bar creates an area pool side for swimmers to enjoy a beverage. The swim up bar adds a resort style look and feel to any inground swimming pool.

The Benefits of Backyard Renovations
Waterfalls & Grottos

Nothing says backyard resort like a swimming pool with it’s own waterfall and grotto. Add jump rocks and interior led lighting for a truly dramatic effect.

Inground Pool Features We Offer

Your pool designer can walk you through a wide variety of different pool options. Let us help you select features that are sure to add value and enjoyment to your pool. First, let’s discuss your budget and the overall look and feel of the pool you want. Next, your pool designer will recommend features that fufill your needs and wants while staying on budget.

Which Pool Features Should I Add To My Pool?

Believe it or not, this is a question we get alot. The short answer is it’s entirely up to you and what kind of buget you have for your project. There really is no limitation on the number of features you can add. When it comes to swimming pool options, the sky is the limit. Consequently, it’s important to refer to your list & budget when deciding which features to add. This can often be a determining factor on which features you ultimately wind up adding on.

Which Inground Pool Features Will You Choose?

Your inground pool can be the tropical paradise you’ve always imagined. When deciding which pool features to add it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. First, ask yourself if the features you want to add bring value to the pool. This is a helpful question, especially since if you ever plan to sell your home the pool has to appeal to potential buyers. Second, decide whether or not these features you add will hinder you from staying on budget.

When Planning Pool Features Budget Always Plays a Factor

Many pool builders will sell their customers on all the possibilities of what an inground pool can be. Homeowners look at a brochure or a website gallery and then get sticker shock when they hire the price that adding additional features can add on to the pool. It’s important to discuss features and how much they cost when planning your pool project. Your pool designer can give you a ballpark estimate during your consultation on what various pool options cost.

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Frequently asked questions

Different pool options have different prices associated with installation. Adding on a spa or waterfall are probably the most expensive additions you can add to a pool. Inexpensive add-ons like led lighting, bubblers and sheer descents are typically add thousands of dollars to the cost of a typical pool installation.
Finally, options like a swim up bar, walk in entry, or negative edge will also significantly raise the price of a swimming pool. You can conceivably spend as much on add-on features as for the initial cost of the pool. If budget is a consideration, as your pool builder for cost effective options that add value to the pool while remaining on budget.

Typically we recommend features that add the most value and enjoyment for the alloted budget of the project. Consequently, the features we recommend may different from one swimming pool project to the next.

Budget permitting, we always recommend adding on a spa if there is even the slightest interest. It’s more budget effective to add on a spa during the initial pool build then it is to remodel a pool to add one on. LED lighting is also something that makes the swimming pool useable at night and adds alot of overall value to the swimming pool. Your pool designer will recommend the best options to add based on the overall budget you’ve allocated for your project.

Different features carry their own unique levels of complexity. The time necessary for installing the pool options you desire is based on which ones you’ve chosen for your pool installation.

Your pool designer will establish a construction timeline that encompasses installation time necessary. Typically a base pool installation with normal options takes 6 to 8 weeks. Additional pool features may extend the timeline for installation by a few more weeks typically. A commercial installation or larger luxury resort style pool may take several months to complete.

One of our pool designers would be happy to discuss options with you. Simply schedule a pool consultation and we will visit with you to plan your project. A Crystal Blue Aquatics representative will discuss the various pool options available for your particular installation.

We’ll determine which options best suit your project and add value and enjoyment to your pool. There are many features to choose from. Thus it’s important to consult with an expert that understands your needs and how to deliver the best results.