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Inspiration for High End Luxury Pool Designs
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There’s nothing as relaxing as sitting by the pool and sipping cold lemonade during summer. The breathtaking views are mind-blowing, especially if the swimming pool incorporates an exceptional design. Even though high-end luxury pool designs are way more expensive, they can transform your yard into a glowing oasis. So, if you are constructing a pool with the sole purpose of boosting your property’s aesthetics, it would be best if you went for a first-class pool design.

Inspiration for High End Luxury Pool Designs

High-end luxury pool designs not only promote the yard’s aesthetics but also increases the value of your property. In this article, we look at some of the inspiration for high-end luxury pool designs.

 Some of these pool designs include:

Zero-edge or vanishing edge pool design

You should undoubtedly consider a vanishing edge pool if you desire to construct a high-end luxury pool design. Infinity pools or vanishing edge pools are popularly known for creating magnificent and dreamy views in your backyard. As their name suggests, these pools incorporate an illusional ‘no boundary effect’ one or more of their sides. Thus, they appear to merge with the surrounding background. With these pools, you can always unwind after a tiresome day. Not to mention, infinity edge pools significantly raise the value of your property. Nonetheless, they are very costly to install; but worth it at the end of the day.

Grecian and Roman Pools

The second inspiration for high-end luxury pool designs is the Grecian and Roman pools. Grecian and Roman pools often serve as a centerpiece for most backyards. These pools begin with a rectangular shape that ends with a wild shape. Moreover, Grecian and Roman pools are mostly inspired by old art pieces. In case you thought that these two pools are the same, Grecian pools have eight sides, hence form an octagon shape. And Roman pools incorporate curved edges. The beauty in these pools is outstanding. These pools complement properties with an ancient yet stylish structure. In turn, they offer breathtaking views in your yard. Like vanishing edge pools, these pools significantly increase the value of your property.

Custom Pools

Custom swimming pools serve as fantastic inspiration for high-end luxury pool designs. As their name suggests, custom pools can incorporate any shape and design. Currently, custom pools are becoming a popular alternative among most homeowners since they cater to a wide range of requirements. Not to mention, custom pools are an excellent source of aesthetics and functionality. As a matter of fact, a good percentage of world-class pools are custom made pools.

Additionally, the uniqueness of custom pools gives you magnificent background views. Nonetheless, note that some pool types do not provide high versatility. Thus, you might not be able to construct your dream pool using any pool. Typically, concrete pools offer the highest versatility. With them, you can create any type of custom pool. On the flip side, vinyl pools provide limited versatility. Thus, it is challenging to create custom pools from them. Ultimately, custom pools are the best for offering high-end luxury pool designs.

Inspiration for High End Luxury Pool Designs

Classic Rectangle and Lap Pools

If you are looking for high-end luxury pool designs, consider installing a classic rectangle pool. This pool is ideal if your interior decor is relatively antique yet elegant. A traditional rectangle pool is also suitable for aspiring pool owners who love simplicity and class. This pool is beautiful and gives your backyard a distinguished look. To make it better, think of combining a classic rectangular pool with a lap pool. Doing this will offer both excellent aesthetics and functionality. You can also include extra water features in this pool to promote its aesthetics.

Perimeter-Overflow Pools

Perimeter-overflow pools work like vanishing edge pools. Nonetheless, they incorporate a ‘no-boundary’ effect on all sides of the pool. These pools have a catch basin underneath them where waterfalls into and flow back to the main pool. The secret behind this illusional effect is that all the pool walls are equal to the water level. Perimeter overflow pools look like a flat blue mirror surface when seen from afar. Thus, they create the perfect aesthetics and modify your property into a high-end luxury resort. Luckily, all pool types can accommodate this design.

Freeform Pools

Another high-end luxury pool design option is a freeform pool. Nowadays, freeform pools come in a wide range of designs. Thus, you can always customize them to fit your requirements. Typically, freeform pools incorporate free-flowing lines that blend with the surrounding property. The majority of luxury hotel owners use freeform pools to attract an extensive clientele. The best thing about freeform pools is that you can customize them to match your dream pool. These pools also spice up your yard and go with a wide variety of water features.

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There are numerous high-end luxury pool designs in this present age and time, from zero edge pools to custom pools. So, if you are planning to upgrade your backyard’s aesthetics, consider the above-mentioned high-end luxury pool designs in this article. Furthermore, you should always hire a dependable pool construction company such as Crystal Blue Aquatics to deliver the best.

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