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Winterizing Your Inground Pool

Creating The Ultimate Backyard

Creating the ultimate backyard starts with establishing a wish-list of needs and wants. What are the items you inground pool must absolutely have? What items would be nice to have but might increase the budget? Which options can you do without that are nice to have but may ultimately make your project budget go over? This list is essential in determining the budget for your ultimate backyard. Before ever speaking to a pool builder, you should have a rough checklist of these items in mind. It will allow you to speak intelligently about the project budget and realistically allow you to request features you know you can afford.

Extra add-on features and addendums become problematic when working off the original budget. Many times a project gets underway and the homeowner decides to make changes and alterations mid-stream. It’s alot easier to decide on these changes ahead of time. Changes mid-stream may drastically impact the timeline and budget allocated for your particular project. It’s alot easier to make alterations before the project starts. A jackhammer does not make a good eraser. That’s not to say that addendums to your project are impossible. It merely suggests that they should be done judiciously with cost and timeline always being a factor.