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Dreaming of a Pool

Dreaming of a Pool – These 5 Features Are a Must

If you’re dreaming of a pool, odds are you’ve wondered what features are essential and which ones you can live without. There are a few essential components you’ll want in your inground pool – even if you’re getting a basic one. When calculating a budget for your inground pool installation you will want to consider the following components and features that exemplify basic modern inground pools. This list is a helpful resource when calculating pool bids from various contractors. It will help you establish a pool park price for what your “all-in” costs with these essential features will actually cost.

Top 5 Essential Features in an Inground Pool

  1. Stairs and entries. In many states including Virginia and Maryland it is essential that you have a safe method to enter and exit the pool. If you are shopping for a pool and are looking for a safer alternative to a traditional ladder, a walk-in entry or stairs is the best solution.
  2. LED Lighting is a must these days. If you plan on using your swimming pool at night, LED lighting will allow you to make use of your pool after the sun goes down. It creates ambient lighting and allows for safer use of the pool for swimmers at night.
  3. Water Features add the sound of moving water to the pool area and create a serene sense of peace in the backyard. They are an inexpensive way to dramatically upgrade your inground pool and turn it into a focal piece that exudes tranquility.
  4. Ledges & Shelfs make for easier alternative entry and exit points into the deeper end of the pool area. They also allow swimmers a place to relax pool side without an inflatable or getting out of the water.
  5. Adding a spa during your pool installation will always save you money in the long run. If you have even the slightest interest in adding a spa at some point in time, it’s recommended that you do it during your initial installation. Remodeling your pool to add a spa will cost thousands of dollars extra than if it was done to begin with as part of the initial installation.