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Pool Design Do's and Don'ts in Virginia
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Unquestionably, a swimming pool is an expensive addition to your property. Therefore, you cannot afford to make mistakes during the pool design and construction process. It would be best to consult a reputable pool contractor to guide you when choosing your design. Typically, your design should complement your yard space and requirements. Here at Crystal Blue Aquatics, we have the best pool contractors to help you settle on the most suitable pool design. So, if you are an aspiring pool owner in Virginia, do not hesitate to contact us. In this article, we look at the Pool Design Do’s and Don’ts in Virginia.

Pool Design Do's and Don'ts in Virginia

Pool Design Do’s

Talk to a professional

Although you may have a particular design in mind, you need to consult an expert. Doing this will help you settle on the best pool design that meets all your requirements. Conduct thorough research on the best designers in your area. A professional and experienced designer will listen to all your requirements first. Then, they will come up with various ideas that match your pool’s needs. One of the best pool companies you can hire in Virginia is Crystal Blue Aquatics. We have highly experienced designers and contractors to make all your pool dreams come true.

Evaluate your pool space

When coming up with a design, you have to be realistic. Generally, it should complement and fit your pool area. For instance, if you have an angled backyard, you can install the pool at one end. Note that the shape of your yard will determine the design of your backyard oasis. Small backyards won’t allow you to get too creative when coming up with a pool’s design.

On the other hand, in an unlimited backyard space, you can build any design. A professional designer can help you make the most out of the available pool space. In fact, they can create your dream pool even in limited spaces.

Consider the positioning of the pool

Pool experts often advise positioning your pool in a place free from dirt exposure. If your design forces the pool to sit under a leafy tree, you expose your filter to damage. Avoid positioning your pool under deciduous trees or too much sun. Swimming pools under constant exposure to sunlight do not experience maximum disinfection. This is because chlorine’s effectiveness is usually degraded by the sun. So, exposing the pool to the sun would make it unsafe for human use. Overall, the design of your pool should enhance the pool’s excellent functions.

Research on the best pool designs available

In this present age and time, almost everyone has access to the internet. Aspiring pool owners can find a broad spectrum of designs on the internet. Ensure you conduct thorough research on the best twenty-first-century pools available. You’ll always find something close to what you’re looking for. Doing this enables you to make the most out of your pool space. Also, research gives you a good idea of how you want your pool to look.

Pool Design Do's and Don'ts in Virginia

Pool Design Don’ts

Be pennywise

At times, cheap is expensive. Employing a cheap designer can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. A good percentage of cheap designers won’t make the most out of your pool area. It would be best to hire a dependable professional who can create a world-class design for you. Remember, the design you choose will determine the value of your property. You can find a reliable professional at Crystal Blue Aquatics.

Forget about functionality

Never overlook the pool’s functionality over aesthetics. Of course, your pool should make your property look more appealing. But it has to be functional; generally, the pool has to offer excellent usability and performance. Your pool should meet all your requirements. For example, if you want a pool for sports, construct a lap pool. Lap pools offer very limited design options. But a reputable designer can always make it more appealing to you. Ultimately, the design of the pool should deliver great functionality. Before you choose your pool design, write down the main purpose of the pool.

The best pool designer in Virginia – Crystal Blue Aquatics

We, Crystal Blue Aquatics, are the best pool designers in Virginia. We not only focus on boosting your property’s aesthetics, but also on delivering a quality and functional pool. When you contact us, we will listen to all your pool needs. From there, we’ll come up with a broad spectrum of designs based on your requirements. If you have a specific idea, we can bring it to life. Also, we’ll take you through the pool design do’s and don’ts before you settle for a particular pool type. If you are an aspiring pool owner in Virginia, do not hesitate to contact us at (571) 233-4415. We are only a call away!

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