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Settling for a particular swimming pool design can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a pool expert to guide you. In fact, you might end up settling for a simple geometric pool to avoid all the hustle involved in coming up with a pool design. It would be best to hire a dependable pool contractor who will help you avoid common pool design mistakes. In turn, your pool design would add aesthetics and value to your property.

Pool Design Mistakes to Avoid

Common pool design mistakes every homeowner should avoid

Employing cheap, unreliable pool contractors

Cheap is expensive; avoid hiring an unreliable pool contractor just because they are more affordable. The prices of your pool contractor should not be below the standard prices in the industry. Most extraordinarily cheap pool construction companies do not deliver quality pool construction services. Thus, they won’t come up with the most suitable pool design for your pool. Crystal Blue Aquatics is, however, different. Our pool professionals at Crystal Blue Aquatics recommend the best pool designs that match your outdoor space. Moreover, we make sure that the pool design caters to your budget and requirements.

Ignoring your long-term pool dreams

It would help if you analyzed the long-run and short-run possibilities before settling for the pool’s design. Although you might come up with a smaller and simpler pool design, ensure that the pool pump, filter, and other equipment can accommodate extra features. You might want to incorporate additional water features or expand the pool in the long-run. Therefore, you would rather buy expensive pool equipment that can accommodate a wide range of pool designs. Trying to save by installing smaller and cheaper pool equipment will cost you more in the future. I mean, you would have to buy another set of pool equipment when you incorporate additional water features.

Overlooking the return on investment

Typically, the design of your inground swimming pool should add value to your home. This way, you recover part of the pool construction costs. If you are a commercial pool owner, it would be best to go for a world-class pool design to attract a wider clientele. In turn, you increase your sales, revenues, and profits. Never forget to analyze the monetary benefits of the pool design.

Putting up single pool lighting at the pool’s deep end

Be strategic and organized when installing pool lights. It does not make sense to put up one pool light at the farthest end of the pool. The pool light will be of no use since the light won’t reflect into the pool. Use multiple pool lights at different pool points, preferably around the pool sides or under the water features. Pool lights are specially designed to accentuate all pool features and offer swimming visibility at night. Moreover, when choosing pool lights, go for the brightest energy-saving option.

Failure to consider the color of fittings

The color of coordinated fittings should complement the pool finish and the overall pool. Fortunately, skimmers and drain lines come in a wide array of colors. So, you have no excuse to make this mistake. Moreover, everything used to make the pool has to match the pool design.

Pool Design Mistakes to Avoid

Forgetting to analyze your landscape

Some landscapes cannot accommodate your preferred pool design. So, before you settle for a pool design, hire a professional to analyze your landscape’s complexity. If the landscape of your area is even, you can construct a wide range of pool designs. On the flip side, you have limited pool design options if the landscape is complex. Constructing a DIY pool construction project is therefore not advisable. Also, your local authorities should inspect to approve construction. Occasionally, they might tell you that constructing certain pool designs is impossible.

Failure to incorporate pool features

Today, pool features are a must-have for all pool owners. Water features significantly enhance the aesthetics of the pool. Thus, you cannot afford to overlook them. Your pool size and design do not matter. You can always find a pool feature that caters to your requirements. Additionally, water features increase the value of your home. In turn, you gain a return on investment when selling your house.

A professional pool designer helps you avoid common pool design mistakes

Pool experts advise hiring a trustworthy company to come up with your pool design. Consequently, you will avoid pool design mistakes. At Crystal Blue Aquatics, we have the best pool designers who help you avoid common pool design mistakes. They come up with the best pool design options based on your requirements. Then, when implementing the pool design, they ensure everything complements the pool design. Furthermore, before they come up with the pool design, they take time to know your long-term pool plans. This way, they’ll know the right pool equipment to incorporate. Hire the best Virginia pool construction company, Crystal Blue Aquatics, so that you can avoid the most common pool design mistakes.

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