Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling Experts Crystal Blue Aquatics can completely revitalize your backyard. Let our award winning pool designers reimagine the way your pool looks, feels and functions. It’s time to completely transform that tired old pool area into the backyard you’ve always dreamed of.

Swimming Pool Renovations That Are Calling Your Name

Looking to remodel or renovate your swimming pool? You’ve come to the right place.

Experienced pool remodeling company Crystal Blue Aquatics has the skills necessary to completely transform your pool. Whether you are looking to convert a Fiberglass or Vinyl Liner pool into Gunite or Shotcrete, add on a spa or hot tub, fix issues with the pool like plastering, tile, or interior we can help. Let us suggest custom pool features that can enhance your enjoyment and the value of your inground pool.

Get Your Pool Remodeled The Right Way

Entrust your pool remodeling project to a seasoned veteran pool builder. We have the experience to pull off the transformation you are looking for.

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Swimming pool renovation services we offer include making pools larger, filling pools in, as well as bringing pools up to code so that they can pass inspection. We handle all sorts of pool electrical and plumbing projects.

Pool Renovation & Backyard Renovations

We’ve performed some phenomenal backyard transformations for our clients and specialize in pool renovation as well as complete backyard remodeling.

Swimming Pool Renovations That Are Calling Your Name

Our ethos has always been to provide the best pool remodeling service for our customers. We strive to be able to provide all services under one roof. Hence, you don’t have to look for a contractor for each service you need in order to complete your remodeling project.

Remodeling your swimming pool can come with many unforeseen issues and challenges. Homeowners opting to renovate their existing inground pool often consider adding on additional features. One of the most popular remodeling requests is adding on a spa to an existing pool, adding water features, or adding LED pool lighting. These are common requests and ones that we are expertly familiar with. The pool remodeling process itself is very similar to the pool construction process. Moreover, your backyard will once again become a construction work site for the duration of the remodeling project. Heavy excavation equipment may be required to facilitate your job and you should prepare yourself mentally for the costs of fence replacement, lawn & irrigation repairs and any other costs you may incur from bringing construction equipment into the backyard.

It’s important to select a pool renovation company that is licensed to perform construction work. Many times homeowners have problems contacting or working with their old pool builder. It’s very rare to find a pool company willing to inherit someone elses build. Crystal Blue Aquatics is a company that repairs and fixes problematic pools. If you have an issue with your inground pool and don’t know who to turn to that can handle your repairs or renovation, give us a call.

Pool Remodeling Service Territory

Northern Virginia Pool Remodeling & Renovation

Our expansive pool renovation service territory extends throughout Northern Virginia. We handle both commercial pool remodeling as well as residential pool remodeling projects. We also perform small repairs as well as equipment upgrades.

As the leading pool remodeling company in Northern Virginia we receive frequent requests from homeowners wanting to renovate their pool. It’s important to make a mental checklist of fixes / features you want us to perform as well as calculate a mental budget for what you want to spend on the project. Similar to quoting a new inground pool, we will provide you a quote for what your pool remodeling project will actually cost you.