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Landscaping your backyard may make it feel like a haven of peace and beauty. The best backyard landscaping ideas might involve incorporating elements that reflect your personality. Determine what elements are most meaningful to your loved ones and work them into your backyard landscaping plans. If you enjoy outdoor activities, include those in your backyard design. If you want your family to feel comfortable and relaxed in your backyard, make sure it’s something you enjoy.

Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Here are some simple backyard landscaping ideas to consider.

Install a pergola for privacy and shade

Whether your backyard is sunny most of the time or only on occasion, it’s still a good idea to seek out backyard shade ideas for shelter and, if appropriately placed, for privacy.

Ideal for this purpose are pergolas, which you can slat to offer plant support or dappled shade. You can also use sturdy, rain-resistant roofs in areas with a lot of sun.

Furniture and Accessories

You can add statues, patios, and even decks as part of your backyard landscaping ideas to give it a more dimensional feel.

If there’s enough room, adding a fountain, fish pond, or rock garden can increase this effect even more.

Before beginning the work on your backyard, consider a general plan and design. Refrain from being tempted to eliminate plant life from your environment. If you do this, your home will lose its aesthetic and therapeutic value, as well as its health benefits.

Vertical Garden

Are you planning on growing a large garden in a small yard? It’s possible with some planning. You should use container, climbing, and trailing-friendly plants to maximize vertical space. One simple method is to trail plants and fill baskets, window boxes, and other containers with them. Using hooks, you can put some pots in a vertical row with poles that are tilted at different angles to make them look nice.

The use of terraces and raised beds also provide a vertical option. These make it simple to improve the soil in small spaces. It can also double as seats if you install them properly. You can allow climbing plants to grow up a garden wall, but you can also hang baskets from brackets or hooks, put in a fountain, or plant small flowers between the stones.

Boulders and Rocks

Boulders and rocks can transform a backyard’s aesthetic. They are practically indistinguishable from your existing furnishings. This is because of how perfectly they match your existing design scheme. There are many ways to decorate these stones to make a family-friendly place to hang out in the backyard.

You can improve a path or walkway by using small stones. Put some wooden poles at the trail’s edge. Then, you can add larger rocks or stones for the finishing touch. If executed properly, the results are breathtaking.

Add Color to the Hardscape

Use a variety of chairs, fountains, and containers in contrasting colors to add visual interest to your outdoor space. The painted hardscape creates a dynamic color scheme. It will also serve as a backdrop for the variety of plants used in the design. Flowers typically bloom sparingly in many climates.

Increase Backyard Safety by Installing Lighting

In addition to making the yard usable at night, landscape lighting can give the impression of a much larger area. 

Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If you want to save time and money when landscaping, here are some things to keep in mind, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Here are only a few examples of such tips: 

  • Bringing exotic plants into your backyard could sound like a fun adventure, but it’s important to do your research before committing to a collection. If this is your first time gardening, you may want to stick to simpler plants.
  • If you enjoy perennial plants, remember that many of them only bloom for a short period, despite their short-lived beauty. As the season goes on, there may be gaps in your landscape design that need to be filled with annual flowers.
  • Add interest to your backyard by planting a range of plants with contrasting leaf shapes, sizes, and textures. When planning your yard’s landscape design, think about using a single species of shrub across the space.
  • You should only purchase hardy plants in your climate zone when choosing plants for your backyard. You should have no trouble finding knowledgeable staff members if you ask around at local nurseries or garden centers. They’ll be happy to help you select plants that will thrive in your region.


Let your creativity go wild if you want more backyard landscaping ideas that work with the space you have. With this and some effort, you’ll have a lovely backyard for relaxing. Contact Crystal Blue Aquatics today! If you’ve decided to start the process of changing your outdoor living space by putting in a new pool, we’re here to help. 

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