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How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready to Jump In
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Pool parties are a great way to usher in the new season, as outside areas are still considered safer places to assemble. It’s easier for people to come together in small groups as the weather warms up. Spring is the perfect time for little gatherings, and Crystal Blue Aquatics has some great ideas and suggestions for prepping the pool for a day of splashing! Your spring pool party can be fun by creating colorful palm trees, balloon arches, and more.

Spring Pool Party Ideas

When it comes to entertaining, nothing beats the convenience of a pool. The relaxed environment of poolside parties is a pleasant relief from the pressure of entertaining. If you want to create the atmosphere of a backyard picnic, put out a few blankets.

Celebrate with these splashy spring pool party ideas

It’s best to keep things simple

There is still a need to restrict the number of guests and avoid spending too much time in close quarters, regardless of whether the invitation list includes close friends, neighbors, or extended family. Consider breaking up gatherings into smaller groups, like the children’s friends, close family members, etc., so that no one event is too crowded.


You can choose a theme for your spring pool party that will excite the interest of the children who receive the invites. Create your own luau with Hawaiian decor to keep with the warm weather concept. Another option is to go with a backyard BBQ theme.

Don’t forget to bring the toys

It’s important to have some fun and games at any gathering centered around a pool! Water balloons, backyard games, floats, water games, and even beachballs are good ideas for the best spring pool party. When the pool party is over and everyone has done everything they wanted to do, the fun will never end.

There are a number of pool-related games you should have on hand to keep the children occupied. A game like Marco Polo can be fun for even the most mature children. It’s possible to hold dive competitions, races, and even float objects around your pool to see who can get them the fastest.

Making individual dishes

Preparing quick, pre-made meals can reduce the amount of touching and cross-contamination. This occurs when various snacks and food are laid out for visitors to “help themselves.” Pre-made individual charcuterie plates and an ice chest full of wine, canned drinks, and beer are best served at a small adult event. Consider pre-wrapped cookies or sandwiches, individual packets of water bottles, juice boxes, and chips for the kids’ food selections. Recycle bins are a great way to reduce waste!

Make a few different punches and get some inexpensive holiday cups for the kids. Include a few amusing straws or paper umbrellas. Children will think they’re drinking a high-end beverage, and this will be one of many simple yet fun spring pool party ideas for kids.

Backyard decor

While you’re at it, purchase new patio furniture pillows and cushions. Spray painting wrought iron tables and chairs is a fun project if you’ve got some spare time. Regardless of how you choose to decorate your backyard, new textiles may make a big difference.

In addition to adding a splash of color, pastel streamers and paper lanterns make an elegant display when they are blown in the wind.

Fresh flowers are always welcome. Rather than spending a lot of money on an elaborate floral arrangement, you can simply buy a bunch of loose flowers. Add colorful glass marbles to the bottom of clear vases.

Stage seating

Lounge seats and patio furniture should be arranged in such a way that they encourage small crowds. Cluster two to three chairs or seating options together. This creates a more intimate atmosphere where guests can mingle and get to know one another. Make sure each “station” has an activity, game, or food to encourage guests to move about the space.

Kick back and unwind

The goal of your spring pool party is to unwind with loved ones and have a wonderful time. Minimize the number of people and keep things as straightforward as possible. Also, don’t forget to join in on the fun. After all, attendees are there to interact with the hosts of the event.

Spring Pool Party Ideas


When you’re hoping the weather cooperates on the day of the pool party, you’ll want to have some cool kid-friendly spring pool party ideas on hand to keep them entertained while the sun is out. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities you may do with the kids, even if the weather is terrible for a while. Have some crafts readily available so that youngsters can paint their own creations and take them home with them. Crank up to tunes on your outdoor audio system to create a party vibe in the backyard that everyone can enjoy.


It’s important to clean and disinfect the pool well in advance of any gathering that will take place near it. It is time to put the automatic cleaner to work, remove all of the trash, and scrub your pool’s tiles and interior surface. It’s a good idea to perform a chemical test to make sure you balance the water correctly. After a swim, the last thing anyone wants is itchy skin or eyes from swimming in overly chlorinated water.

Pool water lacking the necessary chemicals can have unfavorable impacts. Crystal Blue Aquatics’ professional pool technicians can help you get your oasis ready for a spring pool party with healthy and clean water.

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