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More often than not, swimming pool owners ask a lot of questions. Although swimming pools are spectacular features, they are not simple to maintain. Pool owners always aspire to be knowledgeable about pool maintenance. Thus, pool contractors and service technicians usually receive a broad spectrum of swimming pool questions. In this article, we look at the most common swimming pool questions asked by pool owners.

The Most Common Swimming Pool Questions

Why is my swimming pool cloudy? And how do I fix it?

 At times, swimming pools appear smoky or cloudy. This usually results from:

Unbalanced water chemistry:

Failure to balance water chemistry in your pool can lead to cloudy pool water. Generally, the pH of your pool should remain neutral. It would be best to check your pool’s pH from time to time. Use a test kit to determine the exact pH of the pool. If your pool is too acidic, use sodium bicarbonate solution to lower the pH. On the flip side, if your pool is too alkaline, use muriatic acid to achieve a neutral state.

Dirt and debris:

When a swimming pool has excess organic waste, it becomes cloudy. Solving this problem requires you to shock the pool from time to time.

Poor water circulation:

As a pool owner, you need to ensure that there is adequate water circulation. Otherwise, your pool will become cloudy. Ensure that the pump and filter are functioning well. Additionally, take time to conduct backwashing and clean your filter.

Why is my swimming pool green?

One of the most common swimming pool questions is, “Why is my pool water green?” In most instances, swimming pools become green due to algae growth. When you experience such a problem, use an effective algaecide to get rid of algae. Algae is quite simple to remove. You can also shock or brush the pool to remove algae. Always focus on the hidden corners that cannot be seen.

How do I get rid of the yellow dust on the floor and walls of my pool?

Pools sometimes appear to have yellow dust on their surfaces. If you ever experience such a problem, shock the pool or use algaecides. The yellow dust is often mustard algae. Use an effective algaecide specially designed for mustard algae.

What are the black spots on the floor and walls of my pool?

Do you have black spots on your pool surfaces? You may be experiencing black algae. Black algae are the worst form of algae since it is very hard to remove. It appears as black spots on the pool’s surface and is highly resistant to treatment. Getting rid of this type of algae requires you to use an algaecide designed for black algae. After applying algaecide to the affected areas, brush the areas.

How do I remove pink slime from my pool surfaces?

Have you noticed pink slime in your pool? Pink slime is often caused by swimmers who have recently visited coastal areas. It is a form of bacteria with a pink center. Fortunately, you can treat pink slime by shocking the pool. After shocking the pool, apply the correct algaecide to foster crystal clear water.

Why is pool water burning my eyes?

Swimming pool water can lead to the burning of the eyes. When swimmers complain of this, it means that your pool pH is not balanced. So, use a test kit to determine the pH of the pool. From there, use the appropriate chemicals to bring the pool water to a neutral state.

How much do you need to construct and maintain a pool?

Aspiring pool owners will always ask this question before building a pool. The initial and lifetime costs of a swimming pool depend on various factors. Usually, the type of pool determines the amount you will spend on construction and maintenance. For instance, if you are constructing a gunite pool, expect to spend $40,000 to $80,000 on construction. Gunite pools are also costly to maintain since you’ll need a resurfacing procedure every seven to ten years; this costs approximately $6,500. Before building a pool, conduct thorough research on the different types of pools and their prices.

The most common Swimming pool questions

How do I winterize my swimming pool?

This is one of the most common swimming pool questions asked by homeowners. Winterizing your pool requires you to follow a series of steps. It is always advisable to hire a professional pool service expert to close your pool for the winter.

Do you have any swimming pool questions?

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