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How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready to Jump In
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When you open your pool again after the winter, it’s a sure sign that warmer days and longer nights are on the way. Nothing beats relaxing by the pool on a warm summer day after months of gloomy weather. You should follow certain procedures before you open your pool for the summer to guarantee the safety of swimmers and the pool’s durability.

Tips and Tricks on How to Open Your Pool for the Summer

We offer expert opening services to ensure your pool is ready for the season. We also offer professional pool closing and winterization services for the colder months. When you choose us to install a pool cover, you can rest easy knowing that your pool will be safe from winter weather.

Taking a few preventative measures now could save you a lot of headaches, money, and time in the future. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to maintain a clean, healthy pool throughout the season.

Here’s how you can open your pool for the summer.

In order to open your pool and prepare for the swimming season, having a checklist to refer to is helpful. In order to maintain a healthy and safe swimming environment, it is crucial to follow the instructions carefully.

Removing the pool cover

Use a skimmer net to clean the pool cover of any debris, such as leaves, that may have accumulated throughout the winter. Use a pool cover pump to remove any standing water from the cover.

When the pool is debris-free, you can cautiously remove the cover. You should probably get assistance if you don’t want the cover to fall into the water. To prepare the cover for its next use, spread it out on the floor and wipe it with a sponge and mild soap. After it dries completely, roll it up and put it away.

Cleaning your pool

It’s important to clean your pool before you use it for the season. Even with a good cover, your pool might still get dirty throughout the winter.

Remove debris by skimming it off the top and using a pool vacuum to collect anything that has settled at the bottom. Because contaminants place additional strain on the filtering system, thoroughness is of the utmost importance.

Filling your pool

When you’ve cleaned the pool’s water, you’ll need to refill it to compensate for any water lost due to evaporation or drainage. The ideal water level is in the middle of the skimmers and the tile line. Unless your water dispenser is self-filling, you may need to add water every few days. If that’s the case, double-check that everything is running well.

It’s time to remove the winterizing plugs

The pipes shouldn’t freeze up over the winter if you’ve put in winterizing plugs. Before you open your pool for the summer, you should remove them.

Reinstalling the pool drain plugs

Reinstall the drain plugs after removing the winterizing plugs. Check the condition of each and throw out or repair the damaged ones. After reinstalling the plugs, seal the surrounding area to avoid water damage. It is also the time to put back in place any summertime necessities, such as lighting and ladders.

Setting up the filter and pump

Make sure there are no air pockets in the suction lines by flushing them with a garden hose before turning on the pump. The next step is to turn on the filter and pump and record the initial pressure.

Ensure that the filter is clean and there are no leaks in the system. You can flush out the dirt and other debris by opening all the lines and switching the multi-port valve to waste mode. Turn the valve to the filter setting once you’ve confirmed the cleanliness of the lines.

Tips and Tricks on How to Open Your Pool for the Summer

Sanitizing the pool water

Use a pool shock to keep the pool water clean and safe. Use a pool brush to remove the algae, and then treat the water with a chlorine-based pool shock if necessary. At this point, you should also incorporate a metal sequestrant.

When the water has been purified, pool service professionals will test the water using chemical detection strips. They’ll use chemicals to maintain a steady pH and inhibit bacteria and algae growth. It would help to let the filtration system run for a day or two once you achieve the desired chemical balance in the pool water.

Ready to open your pool for the summer? Hire Crystal Blue Aquatics today!

It can be intimidating to open your pool for the summer if you have no idea what you’re doing. That need not be challenging, though. You need to check the equipment, clean the pool, and check the water quality. Is your pool ready for the summer, or does it require further service? Get in touch with Crystal Blue Aquatics right now!

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