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One sure fire way to take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary is by adding sophisticated water features to your inground pool. There is nothing that says “backyard resort” like walking into a fully completed pool area. These days a swimming pool has become so much more essential to creating an outdoor atmosphere suitable for entertaining family and guests.

Consequently, renovating your backyard to compliment the aesthetics of your home and creating a space for outdoor living has become enormously popular. With the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, it’s become even more of a desire for homeowners to create their own private backyard retreat. It makes sense. With a limited number of options for summer travel and entertaining your family, building an inground pool makes more sense than ever before.

It could be why homeowners have spent more money on average this year for their inground pool than in the past 20 years prior. Pool buyers are adding elaborate features that incorporate components to make the pool more usable. They’re also focused on adding amenities that join the pool area with the rest of the backyard. Here are some sure fire tips to turn your inground pool project from mundane to marvelous.

  1. Incorporate a Swim Up Bar – This joins the pool area with the rest of the backyard. A swim up bar provides a way to quickly engage with swimmers and provide them a rest area to enjoy a beverage pool side. It is an elegant resort style feature typically found in high end pool construction projects with a larger than average budget.
  2. Add a Sunken Fire Pit – An architectural feat that creates the wow factor. Nothing will immediately draw your eye to the pool and create immediate mental connections with Architectural Digest than a sunken firepit. It’s an amazing way to join folks in the pool area without even getting wet.
  3. LED Lighting – Make your pool more useable and light up the night for summer fun after dark. LED Lights can be changed to various colors to suit the mood and ambiance of your evening. They make swimming at night safer and add alot of value to any pool project.
  4. Add a Tanning Ledge – Entertaining younger swimmers on a custom splash pad with a super shallow entrance is ideal with a tanning ledge. It’s also a great spot to seat a couple lounge chairs and enjoy the pool without fully immersing yourself.
  5. Add a Pool Heater – Enjoy your swimming pool well into the cooler fall months with a pool heater. Once your pool is heated to ideal temperatures, you can enjoy your swimming pool longer and get more use from it. Adding a few standing heaters around the pool area is also a smart idea in Virginia where it typically gets cooler quickly.
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