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Why Invest in an Automatic Pool Cover?
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Automatic pool covers are unquestionably fantastic features that help you extend your pool’s longevity. At present, there is a broad spectrum of automatic pool covers you can use for your pool. But are these features worth the money? Well, swimming pools cost thousands of dollars. And although they are great entertainment and relaxation sources, they are prone to both minor and major problems. One way to cut down pool repair costs is by practicing the right maintenance techniques like using an automatic pool cover. So, even if you may spend a lot in purchasing an this pool cover, you will cut down on pool repair costs in the long run. In this post, we look at some of the reasons you should invest this pool cover.

Why Invest in an Automatic Pool Cover?

Importance of an automatic pool cover

Clean pool

The sight of debris and dirt floating on pool water can be irritating. And it can be tedious to keep vacuuming your pool now and then. So, you might have to look for another solution. Using an automatic pool cover prevents dirt and debris from entering the pool. Consequently, you keep your pool clean at all times and avoid overworking your filter. Besides, you won’t spend hours trying to vacuum the pool by yourself. One of the best things about an automatic pool cover is that you can operate it from the comfort of your couch. Using an them helps you prolong your pool’s durability at the end of the day.


Unlike manual covers, automatic pool covers are simple to use. Most of them come with inbuilt automated systems. Thus, you can open and close them using a remote from the comfort of your pergola or bed. Manual pool covers are hard to operate since they require you to roll them onto the pool using your hands. Thus, it is tedious to operate manual pool covers. If you are thinking of buying a pool cover, go for the automatic option. Although expensive, it is more convenient than a manual pool cover.

Energy saving

Another benefit of using an automatic pool cover is that it helps pool owners save on energy. During winter, the pool heat pump tends to work more to keep the water warm throughout. In turn, this can take a toll on your monthly budget. Using an automatic pool cover helps in keeping the water warm throughout. You only need to switch on the pool heat pump with a pool cover for a specific duration. Then, from there, you can switch it off and leave the cover to do the rest of the work. Doing this not only helps you boost your pool’s durability but also cut down your electricity bills. In fact, experts report that you might end up cutting down your electricity bill by 50%.

Ideal for safety

If you are a pool owner with small children, you definitely have to buy an automatic pool cover. Remember, children are carefree, and they might end up running around the pool area. This is dangerous since they may end up falling into the pool if you haven’t covered it. Based on recent studies, drowning is one of the most common causes of home fatalities. Also, this applies to adults as well. I mean, anyone can accidentally fall into the pool. Automatic pool covers are robust. Thus, when you fall on them, they won’t tear or break; they would prevent you from drowning. It would be best if you bought a cover with an automatic remote-control system. This way, you can close the pool anytime you hear your children playing outside.

Why Invest in an Automatic Pool Cover?

Reduce pool evaporation

If you live in hot areas, your pool is likely to experience a high evaporation rate. Subsequently, this constantly reduces the pool’s water level; hence, you will need to refill the pool from time to time. Constantly refilling the pool consumes a lot of time, money, and effort. So, do your best to prevent high pool evaporation rates. One way to do this is by using a suitable pool cover. An automatic pool cover protects the pool from harsh climatic conditions. Also, use these pool covers for indoor pools. These pools tend to experience very high evaporation rates.

Reduce pool repair costs

Pools tend to develop issues over time. It could be due to a damaged pump, filter, or skimmer. Regardless of the issue, repairing a pool can be costly. Therefore, experts often advise preventing these issues beforehand. You can always prevent common pool problems by implementing the right pool maintenance practices. One of the best pool maintenance practices is using an automatic pool cover. Automatic pool covers help you keep your pool pump and filter in good shape for a long time. Thus, you won’t have to spend much on repairs.

Get an automatic pool cover now!

It is clear to see that an automatic pool cover is a good investment. Although costly, you end up cutting your electrical bills and pool repair costs. Thus, if you don’t have this useful feature, think of getting one right away. Moreover, if your state requires you to use an automatic pool cover, make sure you oblige. Failure to do so would only get you into more trouble.Contact Crystal Blue Aquatics if you need help automating your backyard pool.

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