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Currently, there are three main types of inground pools; concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each of these pools offers unique benefits. The best swimming pool option for you often depends on your requirements. Nonetheless, gunite swimming pools are becoming a popular alternative for most homeowners. This is because they offer excellent durability and functionality. However, before building a gunite pool, weighing its pros and cons would be best. This way, you’ll determine whether the pool is worth your money.

 Why Should You Consider Building Gunite Swimming Pools?

Benefits of Installing gunite swimming pools

High versatility:

Generally, gunite swimming pools are highly adaptable. You can make them into any shape or design you want. According to recent statistics, most world-class pools are made from gunite. You can always build a gunite pool that matches your yard’s size and shape. Gunite pools undoubtedly make great infinity edge pools, kidney-shaped pools, perimeter overflow pools, and Roman or Grecian pools.

Accommodates a wide range of finish materials:

Another benefit of gunite pools is that they can accommodate a broad spectrum of finish materials, from glass mosaics to natural stone. Therefore, you can always personalize your pool with different finish colors and designs. Consult a professional before settling on a specific finish material for your gunite pool.

Accommodates different water features:

Gunite swimming pools accommodate all water features. Some of the water features you should consider adding to your gunite pool include spas, jets, bubblers, fountains, sheer descents, waterfalls, pool slides, swim-up bars, and diving boards. Ultimately, there are no limitations when it comes to building a gunite pool.

Maximum durability:

One of the major benefits of gunite swimming pools is that they can last for decades. Unlike other types of pools, gunite pools do not need replacement after many years of use. In fact, most gunite pool builders offer valid and durable warranties for these pools. Nonetheless, you’ll have to spend more money on building this pool.

Exceptional aesthetics:

Gunite pools make your yard more appealing due to their versatility. Remember to build a gunite pool to match any shape and design. Therefore, if you want to transform your outdoor space into a premium haven, a gunite swimming pool is your best option.

Cons of gunite swimming pools

Expensive: Undoubtedly, gunite swimming pools cost a fortune. Compared to other pool types, they are the most expensive. On average, expect to spend $70,000 to $100,000 or more when building a gunite pool. Few homeowners have the total cash on hand when building a gunite pool. Fortunately, there are many financing options you can use to construct a gunite swimming pool. Other than the high initial costs, gunite pools also incorporate high lifetime costs. Typically, you’ll need to conduct a resurfacing procedure every seven to ten years to maintain a smooth gunite pool surface.

Longer construction period:

Gunite pools incorporate an extended construction period. This is because you need to leave the gunite to cure for at least 28 days. As a result, it takes six to eight weeks for a gunite pool to be completed. If you want to build a pool quickly, a gunite pool is not the best choice for you.

High chemical usage:

Due to the nature of their surface, gunite pools require more chemicals. You’ll have to use more chlorine, among other pool chemicals, to keep a gunite pool in good shape. Subsequently, gunite pool owners end up spending more on pool chemicals.

Why Should You Consider Building Gunite Swimming Pools?

Is a gunite swimming pool worth it?

Although gunite swimming pools offer numerous benefits, they also have cons. Therefore, identifying whether you need a gunite pool requires you to evaluate your needs. Determine the main purpose of the gunite pool. From there, it will be much easier to identify if you need a gunite pool. For instance, if you want to add a whole new charm to your yard, a gunite pool is a good option. On the other hand, if you want to install a pool within a short period, a gunite pool is not your best option. At the end of the day, it depends on what you want.

Gunite pool construction

Contrary to popular belief, constructing gunite swimming pools is not complex. All you need to do is follow a detailed set of instructions. However, the most challenging part usually comes during gunite application. You will need to hire a reputable gunite pool builder to spread gunite. Otherwise, you would tamper with the internal structure of the pool.

Crystal Blue Aquatics is the best gunite pool builder

Are you thinking of building a gunite swimming pool? Crystal Blue Aquatics has got you covered. We have the best pool professionals who focus on delivering quality gunite pools. Before construction, they take time to evaluate all your needs. From there, they recommend the best gunite pool designs for your landscape. Ultimately, we build the best gunite swimming pools.

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